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Run baby run is a true and thrilling story told by a leader of the mightiest and most brutal gang of New York in the 1950's - the Mau Maus.

This young Puertorican boy, hating everyone and everything, recounts his sad childhood in Puerto Rico and horrifying life of a teenage rebel, whose only family was his peer gang.

Nicky's story is possibly the most dramatic, but it is not unique. Nicky Cruz is only a very colorful representative of a vast number of people who, in the past few decades, have been delivered from crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, homosexuality, and alomost every type of perversion and degeneration known to man.

Run baby run is the dramatic testimony of his desperate battle against drugs, alcoholism and his violent environment.

The book was translated for over 40 languages. Read the story of Nicky Cruz, a warlord of a vicious New York City gang. He was an experienced thief, mugger, and hardened violent street criminal - all before he reached 18.

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